2014 Conference

2014 Revisiting Malaya: International Conference on Political and Historical Thoughts

cropped-concaveDate: 1-3 August, 2014

Venue: KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Website: http://revisitingmalaya2014.wordpress.com/

During the Cold War period of the 50s and 60s, different ideologies and values were in contention in Malaya. The struggles between the colonial forces, anti-colonial efforts and the pursuit of independence had led to different interpretations of the idea of the ‘Malayan consciousness’. These multiple forms of consciousness gradually shaped a ‘Malayan boundary’ in the areas of politics, society and culture. The imagining/shaping of boundaries and identity, as well as the ideals of forming a ‘future state’, were integrated into elements of the national consciousness after Malaya gained its independence in 1957. In the wake of independence, Nationalism, Patriotisms, Statism and other sentiments emerged, which had affected the relationship between Malaya and its neighboring states. This is a historical and ideological issue to be pondered upon, as it had direct effects on the formation of Malaysia, as well as the national imaginary of East and West Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

This conference attempts to gather intellectuals from Malaysia,Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other areas. By revisiting the historical scenes of ‘Malaya’, hopefully we will be able to retrieve historical perceptions on the ‘Malayan consciousness’. Most importantly, by exploring the problematical issues within Malaya, Southeast Asia and the entire region of Asia, we aim to reexamine the significance of anti-colonial efforts, the independence and the formation of the nation.


(1)   Political Thoughts in Malay Archipelago

(2)   Thoughts and Politics of the Left

(3)   Malayan Consciousness and Recognition